Núria Soler – CEO and Trainer

Entrepreneur and CEO of Alter ego with more than 15 years experience in managing people and organisations.

Leadership and business mentor. Sales coach. Keynote speaker and author of business articles.

Her hobbies are her family, playing paddle tennis and excellent cuisines including her mom’s. She loves high-heels and stumbles with flats, although she admits they are a MUST.

Daniel Jauregui – Co-founder and Trainer

Director of Training

Master in Organisational and Personal Coaching with over 15 years experience.

Sports coach for individuals and teams.

Professional musician and orchestra director.

He plays various instruments, always in tune.

Although he’s Argentinian, playing padel is not his strength. Cooking, especially roasted beef, is his secret speciality.

Ferran Vilà Carreras


National Football trainer (UEFA PRO) with a Degree in Physical Education and Sport Sciences. Master in Marketing and Communication.

Founder and CEO of GO UP PLAYERS, a company specialised in the analysis and individual sports counselling for soccer players.

It’s hard to resist his delicious mojitos! And while you’re enjoying your drink he might accompany you with some djembe music that will knock you off your feet.

Norbert Montfort


Gamification expert

Professor and collaborator at the ESADE University

His open and engaging personality explains why Norbert is a great expert in effective and modern leadership that is so much required today.

He loves traveling, his family, friends and his work. All that we could say about him can be summed up in one word: Passion!

Josep M. Bruges


Communications consultant and spokesperson trainer

He’s been over 25 years active in the world of corporate communication and crisis management.

Professor at various universities.

He enjoys spending time with his family and friends. His favourite sport is walking in the countryside and taking pics. Although he may seem boring, we can assure he isn’t!

Marcela Bayarsky

Partner and collaborator

Master Consultant in Talentum, a system identifying an individual’s potential.

Master in Organizational Coaching and NLP Practitioner.

Her passion is travelling, but her artistic vocation is dance. She dances salsa and merengue.

Fernando Signorini

Keynote speaker and writer

Expert in sports and business ethics.

Former physical and personal trainer of Diego A. Maradona and Leo Messi, among many others.

Worked with the Argentina football team for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

As he is Argentinian let him call you, it’s going to be cheaper for you!

Don’t talk to him about cricket or badminton, he won’t understand a thing.

Raul Garay Linares


Executive coach, keynote speaker, university teacher and consultor with more than 25 years of experience.

Expert in strategic thinking, leadership and change management, innovation and creativity, responsible autonomy, high-performance teams and training of young leaders.

Watch out, as he practices martial arts! He’s also into nature, cinema, books and music.

Alberto Cohen


Consultant, university teacher and specialist with over 22 years of experience.

Expert in development, consulting and high performance teams training, creative problem solving, change management and storytelling applied to businesses.

Don’t hesitate to invite him for dinner because he’s a professional narrator of myths and legends!

He plays basketball, football and table tennis (getting faster tired than when he was younger).

What he values the most: books, music and pleasant conversations.

Núria Fernández


Industrial psychologist specialised in HR and talent acquisition, nonverbal communication and emotional intelligence.

If you want to have fun, don’t forget to invite her to your party! Her passion is her family. She gets frequently injured when playing padel. The last time she wanted to impress us with her culinary skills the firefighters had to come.

Dolores Romero


Over 20 years experience in the business world, an expert in administration, human resources and purchasing.

You’d better leave the office in order before you go home. And if you crave sweets and chocolate, pop into her office!